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Today, companies require positive customer reviews in order to thrive. As per the statistics, 72% of the customers won’t buy any product unless they read My assignment help review online. This is also true for academic writing services. Students only avail professional assistance when they see 4+ ratings.

In order to get more online customer reviews, educational service providers can:

1. Follow up with Clients

You should follow up with your customers once they avail your service. You can send an email or a thank you video for placing an order and offering to help out whenever they have any query. You must not be late as you are likely to get a review when the assistance experience is still fresh in their minds. You can ask them to leave a review on,, Quora or

2. Automate the Process

You must get feedback if you want to boost your brand’s image. By creating a form and a landing page, you can automate the entire process. You should give customers a place to fill out their information, and a simple description of how the testimonial will be used. You may express your gratitude to loyal customers by sending them an email. Constant Contact is an automation app that you can use.

3. Interact with Customers

If you take a look at successful company testimonials, like My Assignment help reviews, you will see that customer executives offer assistance 24*7. They interact and keep in touch with the customers through their websites and other platforms like Quora, Google, Facebook, etc. This creates a good impression on the minds of the potential customers and even returning customers, inspiring them to leave a review behind.

4. Revert the Reviews

You should certainly engage with current reviews if you want to retain and draw in more customers. You should acknowledge the reviews that the students leave behind. You must thank the customers if the review is positive. If the review is negative, you must apologize for the service and state that you will amend the errors. You can even volunteer to assist them, if it is possible.

5. Reward Customers

You can offer a reward to the customers if they leave behind a review. For example, you might offer a 10% discount to any client who leaves a review. You don’t even have to tell them that this is on the way.You can also run contests by asking your customers to share and like reviews. The one who shares most reviews on various platforms might get a bulk order discount.

6. Offer Sample Reviews

You should explain the value of the reviews to your customers. If they genuinely liked the service, they can leave behind a positive review. However, there might be cases when your consumers might not be aware of the review writing process. You must not lose your calm, and you should provide them with samples of review writing. This would help them grasp the concept of review writing.

7. Put Reviews in the Front and Center

Consider including a couple of customer reviews on your homepage. If you have good service reviews, add them on each service page. With a link in your top nav, you can even create an entirely new page dedicated to awesome testimonials. Simply make sure they are on your site in a way that everyone can see it. The feedback might prompt them to avail the service. If they are satisfied with the writing service, they, in turn, can leave behind a review.

Hopefully, you gain insight into how you can get more customer reviews. If you abide by the steps mentioned above, you will see a boost in your business in no time. You can also explore other ways to see what works for you, as the trends and preferences of the people keep changing from time to time.

Author Bio: Keira an online marketing expert, and he offers freelance service to customers. She also has his own blog site, where she shares tips related to promotion. At present, Keira is part of the marketing team of

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