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In case you’re wondering what transformational coaching does, how it differs from life coaching (or otherwise known as spirituality), then you’ve arrived at the correct juncture. Most people out there think that there aren’t many differences between these two aforementioned concepts, but in reality, there are indeed a lot of small distinctions that you can discover if you look closely. 

Therefore, in this extensive blog post, we’ll be explaining every common aspect of transformational coaching and how it racks up against life coaching or spirituality. 

What Do You Mean By Transformational Coaching?

In simple terms, the transformational coaching process is the method of helping a person in such a manner that they’re able to make certain permanent improvements to their lives and personality. Even though there are plenty of different definitions out there, this is the simplest out of them all. 

One of the key differences that you need to know between transformational coaching and other forms of life coaching is that – other forms of life coaching will only help you make better decisions or develop better habits. However, on the other hand, transformational coaching will always aim to make lasting changes to a person’s life. 

What’s The Job Of A Transformational Coach?

You must learn that the process of transformational coaching is all about therapy. A transformation coach will only focus on the client’s self-image so that the client could become a better version of themselves. The therapy will talk about the person’s weaknesses, strengths, inspirations, goals and any other limiting beliefs. 

Once a transformational coach gets a good idea of all of the above-mentioned factors, then only they can start bringing change to that person’s life as well as mindset. 

The Importance Of Transformational Coaching

All of us out there are trying to develop goals for our lives. We are all driven by our ambitions which are all limitless. However, once we get older by the day, we get repeated knocks on our overall confidence – either through failures or something else. Life isn’t easy and there will always be ups and downs. Sometimes, due to some bad life experiences, people abandon their life ambitions because they believe that they’re not capable of earning those objectives. As a result, such people will develop unhealthy habits such as drug abuse or depression. 

But, most people tend to forget that our perception is always shaped by our previous experiences and the methods we use to interpret them. And that’s what a transformational coach helps us to discover. If we want to be happy and more fulfilling in life, a transformational coach will assist us in getting to that objective. 

With a help of a transformational coach, you can quickly erase all your limiting beliefs and thereby start moving towards a clear life goal. Even though the process isn’t easy, a professional transformational coach will help you obtain the same. 

What’s The Relation Between Transformational Coaching & Spirituality?

A spiritual life coach will always help you to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. They can easily enhance your daily habits, help you make better decisions and thereby unlock your full potential. However, the major difference between transformational coaching & spirituality is the way each coach works with their respective clients. 

A spiritual life coach will always try to remain at surface level especially when trying to explore the inner thought patterns of his or her client. On the other hand, a transformational coach will try to dig deeper into the psychology of the client that he or she is working with, so that lasting changes can be made for their behaviour. 

The process of transformational coaching is more intense & long than spiritual coaching. 

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