CBSE Exam Preparation

NCERT is the short form for the National Council of Education, Research and Training. It is vital in designing and distributing books to primary and secondary-level students. Highly experienced and qualified teachers write these books, making them the best for CBSE exam preparation. If students get confused with the concepts, they can use the reference materials available on the internet. 

There is no harm in using the reference books, but it is essential to remember that the CBSE exam does not contain any questions not present in the NCERT Books. Students should cover the topics in the NCERT Books before using the solutions, as it will help them understand the complex concepts effortlessly. NCERT Solutions Class 12 Maths are prepared by subject teachers keeping in mind the understanding abilities of CBSE students. 

It contains all the answers in a comprehensive manner which can be well memorised by the students, which is vital for the exams. It will enhance the time management skills of students as well as increase their ability to solve complex problems efficiently. The students can use the PDF format and online format of solutions to cross-check the answers and understand the correct form of solving a particular question.

Why Should Students Use the NCERT Solutions?

  1. Sticks to CBSE Syllabus

The NCERT Solutions are designed by teachers based on the latest CBSE board syllabus. The main aim is to provide in-depth knowledge of a particular concept, topic and subject and help students learn it precisely. The final exams mainly include questions from the NCERT textbooks and NCERT solutions.

  1. Explains Concepts Accurately

The class-wise solutions of NCERT not only cover the concepts and straightforwardly explain them using definitions and diagrams. With ample examples, it offers hands-on practice for students who aim to score remarkable marks in their board exams. The best method to use NCERT Solutions is to study line by line, marking all the crucial points and writing notes on the other side.

  1. Simple to Understand

The solutions are curated in a simple-to-understand language to help students, irrespective of their IQ levels, learn concepts with ease. The level of NCERT Solutions is more accessible than other reference books as they polish and clarify the students’ queries and provide them with good conceptual knowledge. 

  1. CBSE Board Prescribes NCERT Solutions

CBSE advises students to use NCERT Solutions for board exam preparation. According to the CBSE Board, NCERT Solutions are sufficient to score well in the final exams. It contains answers to all the chapters and exercises step-wise as per the marks weightage in the final exams.

  1. Chapter-wise Questions for Practice

In NCERT Books, students would find questions to practice at the end of each chapter. It includes one-word questions, matching the following and short and long type questions, which have to be answered in a clear form. Students are recommended to learn all these questions thoroughly as they might appear in the board exams in a twisted form.

There is no problem with using the solutions, but students should remember that NCERT Books are the top priority in school education. The Class 7 NCERT Solutions explains all the basic concepts of the subject in a clear, understandable manner. Students who use these solutions will be able to face the exams fearlessly. 

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