Connect HP C4780 Printer to WiFi

HP manufactures a wide range of hardware devices like PCs, and printers. New printer models of HP are very smart and multifunctional. You can easily take printouts of colourful images and high-quality photos. Now the printer connection has also become easy. For a simple connection, you can use the USB cable. You can use the HP printer to PC and smartphone using Wi-Fi. With your wireless connection; connect the printer to devices easily.

Unboxing HP Photosmart C4780 printer

  1. Remove the tapes from the box
  2. Check the printer for any damage
  3. Take out the cartridge, cables, and driver CD
  4. Now remove the plastic covering from the printer and cartridge
  5. Connect the HP device to the power cable and turn it on
  6. Now the user has to set up the printer to PC and installs the driver

Connecting HP Photosmart C4780 to Wi-Fi

Today, people save documents and images on computer and phone devices. People have the data from multiple devices. Instead of transferring documents to the connected device; you can directly connect the device via Wi-Fi for printing. 

  1. Connect your printer to the electricity wall outlet
  2. Press the power button 
  3. Check router for WPS pin
  4. Press the button on the router
  5. Now press the Wi-Fi button on the HP printer
  6. Make sure your HP printer is near to the router
  7. Go to the printer and tap on Control Panel
  8. Choose Wireless connection
  9. Hit on the Network option
  10. Check the list and search for the network SSID
  11. Click on the network and insert the password

In case you can’t find your network name on the list then you can type the name and search it

Now confirm the network connection and then you can give the print command from your printer. 

Installing printer driver to the computer

Users can connect the printer to the computer or phone using a wireless connection. But the printer needs a printer driver for communication. Without the driver, you will get the HP Printer not Responding message on the screen. The user has to install the correct driver on the PC. For PC devices, you can use the CD if you have a disc drive. For smartphones and devices without a disc drive; you can install the driver from the web. Open to the HP website and check for your driver. Check for the driver setup which is compatible with your device. Download your HP printer driver on the PC. Now the printer can easily communicate with your system. Also, update your HP printer driver regularly. 

Connecting HP Photosmart C4780 printer to Mac

Before setting the printer to your Mac; check for the driver. Install the driver to the Mac device and then configure your HP printer. 

  1. Check the HP printer power lamp
  2. Go to Mac device and click on the Apple menu
  3. Tap on the System preferences option
  4. Go to the Printers and Scanners 
  5. Hit on your Add button 
  6. Now click on Default and then choose the HP printer

Enter the password for the connection. Now go to your Mac device and give a print command for printer setup verification. 

Connecting your HP Photosmart printer to Smartphone

Users can also connect the HP printer device to the smartphone. Users can get the printer driver on the phone for communicating with the printer. Many smartphones have an inbuilt Google cloud print tool for connecting to the printer. In case you don’t have the Google cloud printer then you can install the HP driver setup. Open the browser on the phone and go to the HP printer website. Install the setup on your device and then use the printer. 

  1. Enable the Wi-Fi button on the printer
  2. Open the document on the computer
  3. Go to menu option and select the Print option
  4. If you don’t see the print option then go to the share icon
  5. Tap on Send button and choose HP printer/print option
  6. The device list will be displayed
  7. Choose your printer primer 

Hit on the Down arrow button and make changes to the print settings. Finally, hit on the Print button for taking your printer. Your HP printer will start printing your document. In case, the user is facing an error while connecting the printer then he can contact the HP team to seek help.

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